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Lindsay Lohan Acknowledges Infamous List of Men, Says She's Single

justjared.com reports: "Lindsay Lohan gives a long in depth interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Monday (March 31).

The 27-year-old actress discussed going to rehab, living in NYC, her relationship with Oprah, her infamous list of men, dating, and much more.

“That was a really emotional song. It was like about my dad…no I’d just broken up with someone,” Lindsay said about previously singing on Ellen‘s show many years ago. “Do you remember who? No?” Ellen asked, to which Lindsay replied, “Apparently there’s a list of many guys…It was Wilmer [Valderrama] actually” referring to the list going around of people she has apparently been with.

She also discussed how she’s not currently dating. “I just like want to work and take care of me right now. I don’t really…That’s not event a thought.”"