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Elliott DeGeneres, insurance salesman; divorced from DeGeneres's mother

Betty, real-estate broker, activist; divorced from DeGeneres's father; had a brief marriage prior to wedding Elliott; became first heterosexual spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign''s Coming Out Project, which battles homophobia, in 1997

Previously married; has two daughters; DeGeneres has said that her stepmother and father threw her out when she came out as a lesbian, saying she would be a bad influence on her young stepsisters

Vance, TV writer, comedian; born in 1954; wrote several episodes for the fantasy children's series Erie, Indiana; cowrote the 1994 Emmy Awards; correspondent on the Jon Stewart-hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central


Lifetime partner:
Ellen is married with Arrested Development and former Ally McBeal star Portia de Rossi since 16. August 2008.


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