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Thread: E and P Party with Opie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stryper
    Hmmm Strypers Sluts....It's got legs. But we could always pitch it to HBO.

    Set in the deep south (O.K. South Beach) girls fight crime in only their bikinis. They carry their guns and badges in roller blade holsters, ready to whip em out as they run down bad guys.

    Stryper runs a secret crime fighting unit from her upscale Gym. Sweaty, hot bodies in every scene. Her team is comprised of female ex Navy Seals, lead by Demi Moore. There a rag tag group but they get the job done.

    Who wants to audition for the other 5 roles?
    lol sure why not!

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    San Diego is the best! Have a great trip and I'll let you know where to audition

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    Thanks! I'm excited, only one month to go! You let me know where to audition!!! :P

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    Can I audition too???? 8O

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