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Thread: Will Ellen and Portia last?

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    Yup forever and ever and ever.

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    Yes They will last forever together!

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    I dont know either....
    I think theyre great together but as someone already said Ellen said all those things about lasting forever and beeing the one about Anne as well.
    Still, there is something more special about Portia and her together.

    I just hope Ellen is gonna be happy for the rest of her life ... even if its with somebody else. She really deserves nothing else but the greatest love and the best life in the whole world (especially after everything shes had to go through with that whole coming out thing).

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    They will im sure!

    they deserve it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kav120
    At the rate Ellen's girlfriends get hotter and hotter. If they dont end up together I cant imagine what the next girl would look like. nfire:

    My $.02= Ellen and Portia will last awhile
    LOL, I agree
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    i dont think portia and ellen will last forever, but i have a feeling they will be together for quite a while, maybe 6 or 7 more years. i just get that weird feeling. i hope im wrong, i want them to stay together! they just suite eachother so well! it'll be a shocker if they do split up.
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    Well Ellen 49 and Portia 34 they only know what they want.They know what feels rigth and what does not.I wish them along and happy life ,while they can injoy each other as along as they both shall life.I see Love real love with Portia and Ellen I see it working for the rest of their lifes. I will pray for them.
    Ellen DeGeneres is one of a kind Portia is one of a kind

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