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Thread: Sugar ??? No Sugar ???

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    Default Sugar ??? No Sugar ???

    here is a link about Ellen quest of a life without Suger :

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    I'm not sure I understand why people are getting their boxers in a bunch over this. I think it's pretty obvious that Ellen wants to give up 'processed' sugar, not the natural sugars that occur in fruit and vegatables, after all how could she avoid fruit and veg when she's vegan. I mean she's a comedian on an entertainment show, she's not a nutrionist or a doctor and people know that. When she makes reference to giving up wine and vodka, that's just Ellen, she often makes a joke about alcohol, it just proves that this guy doesn't watch the show. I think sensible people realise what she means

    It worries me that with so many awful things going on in this world, people take things like this so literally and personally

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    To each their own I say!!

    I love Ellen's dedication to make her body healthier and save the lives of innocent animals out there who don't have a voice.

    I however, admit to loving cheeseburgers...I could eat them EVERY DAY! And yet, I tell people who hunt and shoot innocent ducks and deer that what they're doing is wrong. So I'm somewhat of a hypocrite, even though I don't stick dead animals heads and bodies on my walls, I use them for food. I would love to give up a lot of the bad eating habits I have one day, and even cut down on meat, at least until we have more humane ways of treating our animals until they're used for food. But it will have to be a slow progression.

    And I don't know how I could ever give up sugar! I have a strong family history of diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease, and sugar should be one of the first things I cut down on.

    My point is, hey, we all have our vices. Ellen is changing her life for the better, for what makes HER feel better. It might not make everyone else feel better...her eating "lifestyle" is not for everyone...right now, it's not for me. But I don't love her any less!!

    People need to get over it and leave her alone! I didn't even read the article because I don't care what it has to say. Once again, after all this rambling, all I have to say is TO EACH THEIR OWN!!


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    i'd say yes to sugar altho don't abuse it....there are alternatives if u have a sweet tooth or teeth. omg! i can't believe i just typed that hahahaha, just over the weekend i had a sugar-OD
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    I can`t believe how everybody is still responding to this.
    I`m wondering if this is something Ellen and her writers have cooked up. Maybe she`s just given up sweets but I can`t imagine her giving up alcohol. Ever since her sitcom she has always joked about it. I know darned well she enjoys a drink now and then
    I know she`s eating her fruits and veggies because that`s a mian part of her vegan diet.
    Love all the video blogs on YouTube about the sugar clense. They`re hilarious.

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    She addressed the issue of fruit on the show.

    She is still eating them and mentioned that she knows that there is sugar in stuff like that.

    I'm pretty sure she said it was processed sugar she was avoiding.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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