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    Default A day in the year of Ellen

    Sheís been through the fire of coming out. Now Ellen DeGeneres is hotter than ever. In this exclusive interview, given just prior to her breakup with partner Alexandra Hedison, Ellen gives us a private glimpse of the superstar who happens to be gay
    By Anne Stockwell
    Excerpted from The Advocate, January 17, 2005

    [Editorís note: For Ellenís exclusive statement on her breakup with Alexandra Hedison, go to LINK HERE.]

    Weíre 15 minutes out from the start of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the studio audience is already on its feet and dancing. Practically speaking, we donít have a choice: Nobody could resist the beat of the vintage funk music pounding through the warm blond-wood-and-aqua set. Besides, itís fun.

    At 46, DeGeneres is apparently just getting warmed up. After decades of success in sitcoms, it turns out sheís equally gifted at hosting a cavalcade of celebrities and coming up with offbeat ways to let them shine. A good example: When the famously foulmouthed Colin Farrell did the show, every curse word was drowned in the studio by the sound of a mighty ka-ching. Farrell and DeGeneres had agreed that heíd be fined $100 per profanity, with the take to go to charity. The shtick worked brilliantly, granting Farrell his edge but softening it too.

    With this show, DeGeneres has found the Goldilocks zone: not too sweet, not too sharp, but just right. Of course, finding that zone keeps her on a day-in, day-out treadmill she describes as ďinsane.Ē

    Did you always know your show would be such a smashing success?
    No. I thought Iíd be good at it. I didnít know how hard daytime was. I didnít realize the amount of content that you have to come up with every single day. I mean, weíve done, like, 140 shows.

    Thatís incredible.
    I know. Itís 140 monologues, 140 days walking out and having something to talk about, 140 times that Iíve had to stay completely present with somebody and not drift off no matter how tired I am. Itís really an intense amount of energy to expend every day. Iím finding ways of keeping that energy level up, because itís really hard. But Iím pleasantly surprised. And now it feels like thereís very little that could really happen that could hurt us. Weíre in good shape now.

    Whoís helping you come up with the monologues every day?
    I have writers. And I come inósometimes I have something to say, sometimes Iíve given them ideas. Iíll just come in some daysólike today Iím talking about relaxing and different ways that you can relaxóI told them last week, ďCome up with a monologue for that.Ē Yesterday I had no idea what I was talking about. [Anne laughs] Oh, public speaking.

    Do you get any time to yourself?
    During the day? No. Literally from the moment I get here, there are probably 30 things I talk to Craig, my assistant, aboutómaking decisions. Itís probably 70 to 100 decisions a day. Every day.

    Thatís grueling.
    Itís insane. And then it starts over the next day.

    Can you ever have a sick day?
    No. Even if Iím sick, I gotta be up, because itís up to me to keep that energy going.

    Were you surprised by the election?
    I feel like things sometimes have to swing a certain way in order to swing back. You know, everybody has gone through this. Every group of people that has been discriminated has gone against these times, and itíll be fine. You canít think anything else, or else youíre doomed.
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    Thanks EllenRules for posting this! I found it very interesting to read!
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    That was a great article. Thanx
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    hey that was good to read thx

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