Awards Highlight Best, Worst Of Lesbian Visibility In 2004, the entertainment site for lesbian and bisexual women, has announced the 1st Annual Visibility Awards.

These awards formally recognize the people, shows, movies, and organizations that have had the most positive--or negative--impact on lesbian and bisexual visibility in American entertainment during the previous year.

Categories include the Best and Worst Scripted and Reality TV Series, TV Networks, Theatrical Releases, Celebrity Lesbians, Musical Performers, and Allies.

In 2004, those with the greatest positive impact on lesbian visibility include The L Word (Best Scripted TV Show), Survivor: Vanuatu (Best Reality Series), Ellen DeGeneres (Best Celebrity Lesbian), Melissa Etheridge (Best Musical Group or Performer), and Wonderfalls' Bryan Fuller & Todd Holland (Best Allies).

Those holding the distinction of having the most negative impact on lesbian visibility in 2004 include North Shore (Worst Scripted TV Series), FOX (Worst TV Network), She Hate Me and Dodgeball (Worst Theatrical Releases), Spike Lee (Ally), and Mary Cheney (Worst Celebrity Lesbian).

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