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    Default American Express

    Anybody see Ellen's commercial that aired during Will and Grace? It was good and pretty long.

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    I saw it... i thought it was awesome!!

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    btw... what happend with the whole grace and leo thing? i had to go and couldnt watch the end...

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    Default end of episode of will and grace

    will snuck out of the cabin/room they were in to see if leo was up on the building. Grace figured out where will was and joined him on top of the building. There was no sign of leo. So, grace decided that will doesn't need to take care of her so much...but in baby steps...they got down off the top of the building so Will could make dinner.

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    thanks casey!!! i cant believe how fast they got rid of leo... so random... i liked him and grace together... oh well.. thanks again

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    Default Ellen commercial

    I thought the commercial was really cool and funny (Ellen can dance to anything!). What I also thought was cool was NBC actually advertised the commercial, thats how big it was!
    "Procrastinate now... Don't Put it off"
    -Ellen DeGeneres "Here and Now" tour 2003

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