I was wondering what everyone thought of Ellen's poem from her weekly newsletter, I thought it was sweet. Just in case you did not get a chance to read it here it is:

ďIím ThankfulĒ
A Poem by Ellen DeGeneres

Iím thankful for my family and for my friends.
Iím thankful for the rain and when it ends.

Iím thankful for Tony and the crew,
And everyone who makes this show, so I can do what I do.

Remember the hummingbird that came by one day?
Iím thankful for him, but Iím allergic to hay.

Iím thankful for all the animals on this wondrous planet,
And I like the people too! Every Tom, Dick and Janet.

By now, you probably realize why I donít write more poems,
I have to search for the right word, all the way down to my bones.

Really, what it is that I want you to know,
Is how thankful I am that you enjoy the show.

Yaíll give me so much, thatís itís nice to pay back,
A little bit of the love and maybe Iíll throw in a snack.

Iím thankful youíre you and not one inch taller,
To each of you out there, a Thanksgiving Hollaí.

All my best this Thanksgiving,

P.S. Check out US Weekly for photos of Ellen in New York!!