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Thread: Re:Adding a photo to your name

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    Quote Originally Posted by MustangGurlie
    How do you put a pic under your name? I dont get it.
    Did you have a chance to read through AuggieSociety's directions? They're good.

    In "Your Account" @ the top of this page, you can find either a site icon to use (there are many to choose from), or you will find a box where you enter the "http://..." address of a picture on the Web.

    Have you seen a picture on the Web that you like? You can right click on it, select "properties" & copy the address, pasting it into the box in the "Your Account" section. It's somewhat unreliable though (bandwidth issues, deletion by the owner, etc).

    The best way to go is to do what Auggie suggested. If you have saved a photo to your computer, register w/ a site like:
    where you can send the picture there, copy the address it is saved to & then use it here in that little box I was telling you about.

    The explanation is honestly more difficult than the action, LOL.

    Good luck!

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    another site thats realy good is

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