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    Quote Originally Posted by laura123
    A lot things mentioned in the Bible as wrong, we don't consider wrong anymore. For example that when a couple doesn't get kids and the husband dies, the woman MUST have sex with his brother to produce offspring. We know think this is ridiculous and we don't do this anymore. So why do we desperately hang onto the Bible IF this would say anything negative about homosexuality??
    A lot of people who are against it quickly say 'But the Bible says so!' but these people fully misunderstood it. And if they think it's wrong, at least give a proper explanation why they think it's wrong and not quickly say 'because the Bible says so'. I think that's too easy, but again, that's just my humble opinion.
    Well put Laura
    the bible was made in it's time if that makes any sense at all. at that time woman were not aloud to cut there hair or speak in chruch but do we do that today? nope. i dont know if that makes anysense.

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    I'm still utterly confused and torn...

    OK... i was seeing this Guy--(sam) but well... i couldn't see myself putting up a front everytime i was with him... when i felt nothing. I told him i needed time for me... b/c i feel like i don't kno myself...

    I feel so lost.

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    Depends on what version of the bible that you want to prescribe to.

    Do you want that bible to be your sole guide in life? If so, bury the feelings for women and move on. If not, seek out gay christians and talk to them about it. Perhaps they know of an accepting church.

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    froman interview with Melissa Etheridge (NOV.14 2004)
    As a teenager, Etheridge says she was seriously involved with a
    youth group at the Fort Leavenworth chapel. She even wrote and
    directed a musical about Jesus.

    "It was my version of 'Godspell,' she says, nostalgically. "I was
    completely obsessed with 'Godspell' and 'Jesus Christ, Superstar,'
    because it's powerful, artistic music."

    Her musical connection with the chapel youth group "did save my
    adolescence," she says. When she was 19, something else happened at
    the chapel that haunts her -- in a good way -- to this day.

    "I went back to the chapel. They had asked me if I would be the
    music director of the chapel. And there was a chaplain there -- I
    forget his name. He ran the whole thing, and I worked for him.

    "I was now a full-on lesbian -- terribly closeted, as you are when
    you're 19 and don't know what's going on -- and I had a run-in with
    my mother. She was like, 'Get out of this house. I don't know the
    nature of your disease, but you cannot bring it in this house,"
    Etheridge says.

    "So I go to the chaplain and I tell him . . . 'I am gay and I don't
    know what to do about it, and I need to tell you because I'm working
    with the youth of the chapel.' And he said, 'You know, there are
    people here who would tell you that you're wrong. There are other
    chaplains here who would tell you that. But I'm not going to tell
    you that. I don't believe that God would create a love that is
    wrong,'" she says, her eyes starting to brim with tears.
    I could never hide this little light of mine
    If God made a mistake then I should die before I wake
    Maybe it's my fate to swim against this tide
    Swallowing my pride

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    Quote Originally Posted by hidden
    I don't believe that God would create a love that is
    I think that's quite true! How could loving someone be wrong?

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