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Thread: Watching the Ellen sitcom

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    This is great! I'm in the UK and one of the satellite channels (Paramount?) seems to show Ellen on a loop. Anyhow, they've just re-shown the coming out series. I've been away over the holidays, so I got back today to a tape full of Ellen, and I've just watched the Puppy Episode, plus the two following it, plus the Pilot of the whole series (1992?). Fab.

    I saw the Puppy episode when it first came out, but not the other two episodes, and seeing them all together in one hit was one of the most moving things I think I have seen. That, plus seeing the pilot, and seeing how far she has come, was mindblowing. The woman is an inspiration.

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    I watch Ellen on Oxygen too... and it is such a relief and so much fun, because I was never allowed to watch the show when it originally aired. My parents are staunt Southern Baptists and always had a way of walking in as I tuned into Ellen. I was 12 when the Puppy Epsiode first came on.. thats around the time I began questioning my own sexuality; so when I heard about it, I wanted to watch to find answers, in a sense, and laugh with Ellen about the problems and issues of coming out in today's society. Unfortunately, the only part I caught of it when it originally aired was when she was at the airport with Susan and the whole intercom thing, before my mom walked in and forced me to change the channel.

    So now at 20, I finally got to see all of the Puppy Episode and I couldn't help but smile after Ellen let the entire airport know she was gay. Not only because it was funny, but because if you watch its like you can literally see a weight being lifted from her shoulders... That smile she wore afterwards was so real and so genuine, I felt proud for her all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobyscbstr
    if you watch its like you can literally see a weight being lifted from her shoulders... That smile she wore afterwards was so real and so genuine
    But there was a weight being lift from her shoulders and that smile was real as this wasn't only Ellen Morgan's coming out, but also Ellen Degeneres' tv come out.
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    i'm sorry, i didn't make myself clear.. I was referring to Ellen DeGeneres' coming out through Ellen Morgan.. I realized that it was both of them that came out that night.. but I was referring the weight lifte off of DeGeneres' shoulders

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