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    well i'm for starting about giving me another chance.i recently won an award for this poem.would like for all of you to read it.

    i woke up the other day
    there wasnt much for me to say
    you left the door open wide
    i felt the cold from inside
    it was your final goodbye
    i could only ask why
    i looked deeply into my heart
    now so torn apart
    i held you so close to me
    no you dont want to be
    you have found some one new
    you said we were through
    it hurts like hell
    maybe its just as well
    i cant force you to stay
    love doesnt work that way
    i will go on some how
    i just dont know right now.


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    Hmmm...Dunno if anyoneŽs interested in my opinion but IŽll post it anyway.

    Melissa I have to say, I really LOVE your poem. No wonder you won an award for it. hehe.
    Where can I get to read your stuff???

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    I really like your poem...
    Wasn't me...I Promise ;)

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    I like it and loved it! And I do agree,no wonder you won.I hope I can read all the poems you've made,i love poems.Hope I can be you're friend..

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