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    thanks everybody.most of my writing are in books called famous poets of anthology.they arent under my given name,melissa.i hesitate giving my real name out.i have had problems with that before.thats where the truck came in.sorry is my first published poem.

    when i was seven
    i realized there wasnt a heaven
    when i was nine
    i discovered the taste of wine
    i let it slowly seep inside
    covering places i wanted to hide
    when i was fourteen
    i was wild and mean
    i didnt have any long term dream
    just to live from day to day
    careful of what i would say
    i was taken behind the door
    always beatings and so much more
    something inside my head
    wished so hard to be dead
    every chance i did run
    but the pain was still undone
    i couldnt out run the pain
    it was with me over and over again
    in time the hatred did win
    but only for awhile
    i walked away with a smile

    truth being,i am a huge ellen fan.ii dont like the rumors,but we all deserve happiness and love correct.maybe this time she will be happy.


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    wonderful! i love it

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