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Thread: love at first type..

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    has anyone ever met anyone online as wierd as it is and fell in love with them. its really kinda scary because your not really shure if the person they r portrayed to be online is really them, but i guess it is love the same? random thought of my day.. i just thought it would be an intresting question to ask, i can relate it alot to ellen.. We never meet her but just seeing her on tv and reading about her makes us love her.. Worship her if u will..

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    yeah.. I met my girl friend online a little over 2 years ago and we've been together ever since.. it is very true, i think we both painted exaggerated pictures of ourselves, but after we met in person everything kind of fell into place

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    i met the best person in the world online,but its something that can never be.. kinda sucks.. but it makes me really HAPPY to see you had a HAPPY ending!!

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