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Thread: Feeling Low

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    Default for heaven's sake

    i hope things get better for you---i know it takes time, but for heaven's sake---i wonder if the mom could think about it like this---you are both alive and well---thank God---she has a wonderful daughter---so what if she is a lesbian---big whoop---she's alive---
    if the mom had to choose:

    her daughter could:

    be in a body cast
    be on life support
    have brain cancer
    be a lesbian

    gosh, which one do you think she'd pick?

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    Default Feeling Low

    Well I have some good news. Gosh its so nice to have so much support you guys. Your awesome people. Well, my stomach was stuck in my throat most of the day today, because my mom's friend suggested I come over to talk. I was so frickin scared. I realized that I helped her more than just with this problem. My girlfriend is really pretty stubborn and has a bad temper so sometime she takes it out on her mom and her mom is really sensitive so we worked that out hopefully but i feel we did, only time will tell. But I think she thinks higher of me now that i came over to talk and I feel and hope she will slowly get better about it but Im afraid to say that she may never come to fully accept it. Unfortunately I dont know what to feel because she asked us not to show any affection in front of her. Now me personally I am somewhat offended because i feel she wouldnt ask her daughter not to even hold hands in front of her if it were a guy. I agreed but I dont know whether I should follow what I feel is right which would be not to do anything more than hold hands, or to do as she says. Other than that I feel alot better I dont think she despises me anymore and thats what was killing me before. Thank you guys for your support your the greatest. I wish I had friends like you guys here at home.

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