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    I walked through the school with two friends today. We were all dressed in black. We walked near these three girls and a few seconds after we passed them, they whispered 'they look like three witches on a row' but just loud enough so we could hear it. So my friend responded 'they look like three cows on a row'. Haha..we had fun!!
    After that we went to my friend's house. We watched a part of American History X. Wow, this movie is so friggin' impressing!! I really can't wait to see the other half!! Did anybody else see this movie and what do you think about it??

    Gtg now...homework is waiting!!
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    i've seen that movie some years ago ... and it's a great one.
    i like the way the story is told and the story itself of cause. sometimes it seems as if derek's changing concerning his political attitude is shown a bit too easy ... but anyway ... i like that movie ... and its end ... it's a movie you have to think about and could learn from ... thats great

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    I saw that movie and all I can say is that movie is REALLY sad. I never cried so hard in my life.. LoL.. its a great movie

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