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    I just today saw on the news the trial of this Methodist minister named Beth Stroub for being gay. Apparantly, there's some Methodist law against being homosexual if you're a minister. Well, I geuss that's how it goes for most's so sad though. When I heard today on the news that she was found guilty I literally yelled out "What?" I actually thought that this world was getting a little better as far as being closed-minded bigots, but I geuss I was very wrong. Ministry was this woman's calling, and she's apparantly a very good, loving, and spiritual person as well as her partner. But now she has a good chance of completely losing her job... She has a website ( if anyone wants more information, or you can just find a news's terrible :cry:

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    I saw that on AOL news as well...thats just absurd and so hyprocritical.

    The United Church of Christ is trying an air a really good ad though, that shows gays, kids, minorities, elderly, handicapped, etc. trying to go into a church and being stopped by bouncer-type people, then they go on to say that Jesus didn't turn away, so neither do they. But the top three networks wont air it...booooo! Here's the link to that article though: The United Church of Christ interesting stuff.
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