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Thread: more on ellen and portia

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    If you notice the exclusive is also with Eric McCormack, maybe they had the idea of him and Portia de Rossi having an affair in reserve in case they couldn't use ellen.

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    i saw that also. it just makes me real mad. ellen is probably dying inside cause if she was devastated over anne think about now. she has got to hear this crap (yeah that's right) being said.
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    Hey I'm Morgan. A "newbie". I've been reading a lot and i really enjoy this site. Ellen has some awesome fans!! Anyways I was thinking, remember when Ellen gave away the shows phone number when she called the Pilgrims? If anyone has it, do you have the guts to call and just ask whoever answers the phone about Ellen and Portia? I'm sure they will say no comment, or something, but its worth a shot!!!

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    you go do that :roll:

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    I saw the show today and yes the ring is gone. I could not believe it. I am so sad that they broke up, but I just dont understand this Portia business. If they fell so madly in love 9 months ago, then why wait so long to dump their girlfriends? I dont know if I believe this whole thing with her. I dont think Ellen could do something like this to anyone, but especially Alex who has been there for her and are/were in love with each other. I also dont think Ellen could do it because of how she felt when Anne broke up with her. I think they are just trying to stir things up since they have both recently broken up with their girlfriends and happened to be at the same event.

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    "Ellen is now deeply in love with Portia," says a source.

    how can she be "still heartbroken" if she is deeply in love.
    I don't know, I just can't believe it ended like this.
    There are many ways a couple can end their relationship,
    but I don't think this is the 'good' way.
    If all this is true that Ellen cried while talking on the phone,
    and Ellen dumped Alex to be with the other woman,
    it's just not good.
    Alex ALSO must be "heartbroken"......

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    i think that the "deeply in love" phrase came from the article in the advocate where they quoted that ellen said "i'm deeply in love with my girlfriend"... we all know that she was talking about alex, but since the post posted that thing about portia i think that the source just twisted the girlfriend part to make is seem like it is portia cause thats supposedly ellens new girlfriend...

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    Default Re: Ellen and Portia

    Quote Originally Posted by amgirl
    Quote Originally Posted by kissingtree2316
    I know someone that has seen today's show and her ring is gone. :cry:
    I still cant believe that :cry:
    the ring is is gone...everything is lost... :cry:
    TEAR!!! :cry: that truly is sad. i was so gonna turn on the show today when i got back from class but my roommates stupid bf was here hogging the tv as usual. damn...cant believe it's true...i just hope this whole portia thing is a crock. i'm sorry, but i dont think portia has anything compared to alex. portia is pretty, but only in a made-up, Barbie, enough make-up to kill a clown way; where alex is all natural and beautiful. i know looks are everything...but thats just my take on it. :?
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    how can she be "still heartbroken" if she is deeply in love.

    If Ellen broke Alex's heart then she could have been crying for how badly it all turned out. I mean, Ellen is a compassionate person. She could be hurting from the fact that she hurt Alex so much.

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    OR, Alex was on the phone telling her off. :twisted:

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