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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger2
    What's weirder still is how people who are fans of Ellen are so anti- her new girlfriend. At an Ellen site, I would expect to read about her even if I didn't like her that much.
    ok really regret saying anything now... if you guys can't let it go

    i expect to be reading about portia coz she is part of ellens life but not in an alex thread, i thought i stated that quite clearly in previous posts so we could just move on from my 'stupid' comment about going off topic.

    Hopefully now we can, unless you want a public apology

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    You really need to relax. My post had nothing to do with you...I was simply stating what I've observed over the past year.

    Jeez! Let it be--
    "The beginning is always today." ~feminist, intellectual and writer Mary Wollstonecraft

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    i hope i am not part of that you guys comment.... i feel you should be able to come here and enjoy yourself also... maybe i didn't come across more to that point in my earlier post... there are plenty of places around here i can mention her if i want i will be respectful here... okay ...

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    i need to relax? ok i'm perfectly's all good...feel the love people :inlove:

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