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Thread: The show today-tuesday 14th

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    Default The show today-tuesday 14th

    Hi! I just realised how to make a new thread. hehe sorry!

    I love Ellen!

    I wondered if y'all knew what song that was her DJ played during the first part of the show before stevie wonder came out?
    She danced to it. It was so funny. I have to get it. It was a stevie wonder song too.

    I sure appreciate it.

    Thanks, Aayla S

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    Darn. Nobody knows that song that was played? there are a lot of people who read this post. you guys don't know it and neither do i.
    Any word on how i can find this song? I want to get it for my brother who is in the hospital this christmas. He will like it and i want to surprise him with something to cheer him.
    Please anyone.

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    I don't knw the answer to ur question but just wanted to add that I love Ellen too! I think she is soooo funny!! :lol:


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    Aww thanks

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