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Thread: Need some input from Ellen fans...

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    Hello Ellen Forum,
    I am planning to bring my son to Burbank in April. We are coming from Detroit in hopes of getting Day Of tickets but what my son really wants is a hug from Ellen. My 16 yr old son, Chase, is autistic. He is a HUGE Ellen fan and has been for over 8 years now. We have been submitting for tickets for two years and never received a call. Yet people I met thru FB tell me they submitted after us and got called. I watch for new dates and submit immediately. I wait the two weeks as instructed and then submit again. Every day for two years my son brings me the calendar and wants me to show him when we are going to see Ellen. He doesnt understand why I dont just buy the tickets from Ebay ;-) I told him we had to wait until he turned 14 or we would have tried sooner. Read on the website that min age is 14.
    He wants to see her in person so bad and I promised him last year that if we didnt get tickets by this year that we would go out there and try for Day Of tickets. So.... am I crazy? Here we come in one month and we have no tickets and no idea what to expect or how to improve our chances of making it happen. I have sent countless messages to the show thru the website over the last couple years and entered the contests and you name it... the most I got was a return email from a producer of the show that said he would pass us on to the audience department.
    This is a video I sent them. Please understand... this is for him.... if it wasnt so important to him I would NEVER go to this much trouble. My son means everything to me and this is #1 on his bucket list so what do ya do?

    Any input, suggestions, ideas to make this happen for him would be appreciated. Tickets are already bought with my tax return so no turning back. Even suggestions for an Ellen sighting would be appreciated. We will be there Sun April 22nd thru Thurs the 26th.

    Thx. Lisa

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    Wow... zero response...

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    You should give people some time.

    One big thing, don't bother buying tickets on E-bay.
    Tickets are not transferable and they might well confiscate them and not let you in.

    It isn't clear what criteria that they use to give people tickets.

    There has been some thought that the more distant you live from the show, the more likely you are to get a ticket.


    I took care of the other thread.

    If that happens again you can post a note asking a moderator to move the thread and one of us can take care of it for you.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezmerelda View Post
    Wow... zero response...
    This is an international site, people come here from all over the world and from different time zones, so there may be people who haven't even seen your post yet!! Plus most people on here haven't been to the show or have enough knowledge about how to get tickets, so you might have to wait for people like Jlilest below who have been and know more about it!

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    I`ve been to Ellen`s show twice. It was the most wonderful experience. The first time I went it took me four years to get tickets. I went to the ticket page, requested a date.. After waiting for that date to arrive I went back to the ticket page and requested another date.
    The second time I went I got a call from a girl I met in line at my first taping offering me one of her tickets.
    There are no "tickets." After going to the ticket page the next step is getting a call from the show. When they call they ask you how many people in your group. Up to four people can go on one "ticket." Your "ticket" is just a letter from the show stating how many people can be admitted with that letter.
    I would suggest securing a response or letter from the show BEFORE booking your flight.
    They used to just let the overflow people who would just show up at the studio into The Riff Raff Room. Sadly, this no longer is the case (due to fire codes.) They issue so many "stand by" tickets for each taping in case people with actuall letters or "tickets" don`t show. People with stand by tickets sit in The Riff raff Room.
    If you can`t get to the show maybe you could sell your plane tickets or you and your son can enjoy a little vacation there going to Disney or something.
    Best wishes and hope you someday get to her show.

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