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    Does anyone know how to e-mail the Ellen talk show?

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    you can go to her official website: and you should be able to find an emailadress over there. Good luck!
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    yeah actually you have little sub-sections like 'what's on your mind', 'have Houston do it', 'RSVP Ellen', etc. and when you click on those things you can write comments and your personal info so they can reach you if they need/want to. Anyway, i suppose this is a form of email :lol:
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    trust me it works..I just posted a thread about this.. I sent her SO many emails and two xmas cards asking for help with getting a ipod for my sister... I was one of the home viewer winners today... I doubt that is just luck...

    My sister also asked for luggage and I could def use the camera so this is great!

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