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Thread: how do u forget a girl who doesn't love u the same way u do?

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    Default how do u forget a girl who doesn't love u the same way u do?

    ok i know ive been doing this alot but i need sme more advice from u wonderful poeple. ok there is this girl who i like alot. her name is Brianna she is beautiful insde and out. she does nto know im gay so there is one problem. anther problem is that she is strait and has a boyfriend who she has been dating for 6 months. she has helped me threw my depresion, she gives me a smile averyday and tells me that she loves me everytime i talk to her (freindly way). i know i cant have her, but i cant get her off my mind. i havent felt this way ..well.. ever. so what do i do?

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    Much experience right here. I'm going to bed now, I'll pm you in the morning.

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    Oh...I feel you as I have the same problem with one of my good friend too. She helped me alot after I broke up with my ex-bf. Every time when we talk, I wanted to tell her so bad about how I feel. But, I'm afraid if I tell her the's gonna jeopardize our friendship. I don't know what's the right thing to do...

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