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Thread: todays (11/29) show

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    ok so i'm jealous of collin ferrell...did you guys catch him say "can i watch" when ellen said she was gonna be in trouble when she got home? that dirty irish man... and man did ellen look hot in those sunglasses!!!!

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    In the words of Robin Williams: "the whitest f***ing state in the union"...It's true.


    Once again..... I cannot believe she would kiss that dirtball. Eeeew. I don't know why he grosses me out so much, oh wait, maybe it's because he's a man whore. Yep, that's it. And no I didn't here him say that, what a pervert. :roll:

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    Wow I saw the kiss but didn't hear him say that. I have it on tape so will have to go back over and watch it more closely. If he is allowed to watch he will be the luckiest guy in the world! What I wouldnt do to be in his shoes right now... yeah Ellen is awesome!!!

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