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    I just got her newsletter and her weekly message was hilarious! She was all into slang because of Snoop Doggy Dog..For the ones who didn't read it, I'll postit here:


    I hope you got to peep ma show with Snoop Dogg this wizzle. It was off the hook. We came up with some phat new words that the kids will be usilatin’ in no time. Let’s say you are feeling cool, then say you’re tepid. Like this, “Yous know foo’ I’m tepid.” See? It sounds really good.

    Here are some other terms you can use throughout your day:

    “I’m roller pinnin’”
    Translates to:
    “I am cooking in the kitchen.”

    “Dial fo’ onety-one.”
    Loosely translated means:
    “If you need to know more of the information or details, dial 4-1-1.”

    Here’s the fo’ onety-one about next week! Oscar winner Kevin Kline will be here Monday! The dashing Liam Neeson will join me Tuesday and the charming Natalie Portman will stop by on Wednesday! Fo shizzle that’s a good weekizzle.

    I’m off to hang ma hairs dowg.
    (Play with my cats)

    "Never let go what you believe in. Do never let people make you think you're something you're not

    "Be Strong, Speak True, and Spread the Peace"-MLE

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    In the words of Robin Williams: "the whitest f***ing state in the union"...It's true.


    Thanks for the fo' onety-one, Laura. That's mad tepid of you.

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