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Thread: The Ellen DeGeneres Show-Help!

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    Hi! I am real Ellen fan and unfortunately from Germany. That means that I have no chance to see Ellen`s „new“ Talkshow . Now here is my question: Could anyone of you be so kind, nice, wonderful etc. to tape it for me?!? Please -show mercy to me! Surely I will pay for it!!! Ok, thanks.......thanks.........and thanks!( I apologize for my bad english and I hope you understand me?!)

    Please write to:

    (kokoskuchen: If you`re afraid of this word- don`t worry!It just means coco-cake..or something like that!)

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    Sorry, I cant help you, because I'm from the Czech Republic and I have the same problem like you.
    I would like to ask everybody for help.
    We both will be very thankful for any answer 8)

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    *peers head round to see what's going on...*

    oooh, me too, me too

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    Hi! Same problem here. I'm from Germany, too and a huge fan of Ellen. I would be so thankful if someone could help me. Of course I would pay for the tapes and the shipping and all. Please help us poor people :cry: cause we need Ellen, too.

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