With our new Gallery you can not only see our Ellen & Co. images, you can also send them as e-Postcard (only for registered users).

Just click on the image in the Navigationbar (above the displayed image).

UPDATED 26. January 2011: The following feature "own gallery for users" has been deactivated.
Registered Users (Members) can also create there own Gallery with different/createable Albums 8). You can set many options (avaible options: Album can be viewed by, Visitors can upload pictures, Visitors can post comments, Visitors can rate pictures... and mutch more) in your own gallery. On existing images you can: Reset view counter, Reset votes, Delete comments and of course you can delete your (own) images ;-).

To create your own gallery just follow these simple steps:
1. Log into this website with your access informations.

2. Goto our Gallery.

3. Click on the Create / order my albums Link.

4a. Choose a name for your Album and click on Add new album Button.

4b. You can modify your albums by clicking in the Modify my albums Link.

5a. You can upload images by clicking the Upload picture Link.

5b. Select your (created) album in the Album Drop-Downlist, Browser to an image on your PC, type in a Picture title, Picture description & Keywords (optional). Then click on the Upload Picture Button.

5c. Your uploaded image will be online soon. The Thumbnails will be created automatical.

- You have 10MB Space for your images. So be thrifty with your image space and use small images, best in JPG format. You can check your used space by clicking on the My profile Link (right the Modify my albums Link).

- You can add any image in your (own) favorites list.
- You can bookmark any image.
- Comments can be made to any image.
- A search (for keywords) function is also avaible.
- You can also upload images to the "normal" Gallery-Categories.

Greetings and have fun with our new Gallery-System... Vizitor -> Marco