I posted this over on IMDb and just wanted to get it out and see if any Ellen fans could help. Thanks.
I went to get something to eat, and my dad made me mad. I didn't want to spend my life dealing with it, and I felt I lost my connection for Ellen DeGeneres as I sloshed through the kitchen. I saw someone slosh their shoes recently in public. It feels like a ^connection^ I may not get back. My dad was supposed to have gone to bed insteada walking with me and instead was watching Chris Matthews, again.

It's not funny, I don't want this to happen. This is so stupid, in a way I don't believe it.
Okay, maybe it was weird, but so far people are concerned but don't know how to help cheer me up.

Let me know if you don't like the topic, but I hoped it'd fit in your Misc. category. Just looking for some cheering up.