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    Hi there,

    i realize that everyday 2-3 new users were registered.
    and i saw that there a lot of different countries.
    It's amazing.
    But i wonder, that a less amount of them write here from about 2900 members. :-)

    I would like to start a poll, if ellen is a well know celebrity in the members country.


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    Yes...She is well liked and then again she is not liked. :roll: :cry:

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    ive noticed that too dee!!!

    i havent actually voted in the poll to be honest...i dont know!!!!

    i suppose her name probably is pretty well known (maybe not for the right reasons though....i think you can guess why!) from the tv show 'ellen', and people might recognise her if they were to see a film she's in (like say, edtv)....but because she hasnt been here in a while, or had anything new going on here in the uk, im not sure if she could be called a 'well-known celebrity' :roll:

    so i think of her as well-known, but there might be a lot of people here who have never heard of her (or dont remember her) thats my answer, instead of voting!!!!!!

    but hopefully.....october.....finding nemo is released here....people will rediscover the magic that is ellen degeneres 8) hehe

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    Well, here in germany Ellen is not very known person...*sob*
    there was only the Ellen -serie but on a channel, which harldy no one watched, so they cancelled it...
    And i wonder if there will ever some more shows of her in german tv.
    But you're right tartanfan, for me ellen is a very well known person And i made it to my commission to make her well know...even if only in my family and to my friends but to everyone i get known i mention her

    Through the movie "finding nemo" which will be out first on december (!!), Ellen hasnt got a chance to get more known..the silly synchronous voice is not even the Ellen-serie voice. So nobody will know that she is the actually dory-
    I saw the german trailer...awful...just awful...the whole character is "gone with wind" with the ugly voice of the german...
    So i decided to buy the DVD from USA


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    the netherlands


    no in Holland nobody nows Ellen, by name then, maby they reconize here face, but she is not on television here maby that's the reson why nobody nows here


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    well here in the USA Ellen is well known and well liked

    "It hit me... you are out of rum. If you are quiet it will come." E.D.

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    This is an old thread revived by what would appear to be a bit of spam.

    It has not been posted to for nearly five years.

    Is it just me or do you hear the sound of tweets too? What about facing a book?

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    wow.. this is such an old thread! lol.. needless to say, ellen is very popular here lol..

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    Unfortunately, not many Malaysian knows her unlike Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters.

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    In our country ellen is very popular, if you have satellite tv you can watch her every morning from 7 am until the last show at 7 pm at night, its great and on weekends they show ellens sitcom, so ya we are very lucky here.

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