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Thread: Bi to Gay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Matronic View Post
    Hi everyone again...

    Thanks for answering my thread! You all make brilliant points, and you are all right. I shouldn't worry about labelling myself. But I guess the reason why I wanted to label myself is because I have a thing for...organisation? Everything I do has to be set out right. If that makes any sense to you all, then welldone lol.

    But thanks so much for replying. I've decided to just 'go with the flow' and whoever I meet next, is whoever I meet next.

    I THINK I like this girl I work with, and we seemed to be very flirtatious today, so you never know? But I have to find out if she is gay or bi first lol!

    I totally understand the need for 'organisation' cos I viewed it as part of defining myself too. While I sorta told myself to go with my feelings, I am anxious to know what is attractive or what's not to a gal. I mean it all comes down to individuals but there must be some commonalities. Cos what's considered appealing from a male perspective is v.different from a female's.

    Hope I made sense? Anyone to share some thoughts?

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    12BR, you do make sense lol! And I do see where you're coming from.

    Sexuality is such a confusing thing, don't you think?!
    Ms Heather

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    Default Bi to gay

    To Ana Matronic. I can only empathize with how you are feeling,your confusion. Perhaps I can tell you my story, maybe it will help. I am bisexual and have accepted myself after a long tome of denial and wondering whether I am lesbian or not. I have had boyfriends and girlfriends and was in love with each one of them. You see I dont see people necessarily as a gender but I fall in love with a person, to me it doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl. If I am watching a film I could be attracted to the leading man and leading woman at the same time.Its not something that I can turn off its the way I am.Bisexuality is really difficult as now I am commited to a man that I truly love and would never want to lose him. In my soul I am torn because there is one side to me that can never be fullfilled ,the girl part.There is an ache an emptiness that overshadows everything sometimes and it hurts.But to have one would destroy the other, and that would kill me. I am in a no win situation.My advise to you is to be with the one your attracted to and fall in love,it doesnt matter if its a girl or boy but do not be surprised if another person of the other gender later on comes along.Bisexuality is hard thats just the way it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Matronic View Post
    I have this problem. I'm a bisexual girl, but I don't know if I may be completely gay or not. I do prefer women obviously, a lot more, but I don't know if I still like men or not. I haven't liked a guy in ages, and I don't find them physically attractive much, it's all about personality for me. I'm like that with women as well. Also, I haven't had a sexual relationship with a guy or a women, so I guess this makes me stall in my decision even more because I haven't had the proper experience.

    Any advice guys? Ellen - care to share your thoughts lol?

    Heather xxxx

    Yep I'm hearing ya. It was just the other day that I finally opened up about my feelings to some friends of mine (whom are gay). They suggested that I just search and see what it is I want and what I'm looking for. A journey of self-discovery. It's important that we don't label ourselves as anything but human.
    But it's not easy to meet people so it feels like in one way you one this incredible journey then it many others it feels like you’re
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    than to be called intelligent and just be cynical about life"

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    quick question how would you know if a same sex gal/guy likes you too. what are the signs that you are in into something deeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcodm View Post
    quick question how would you know if a same sex gal/guy likes you too. what are the signs that you are in into something deeper.
    Same as with an opposite sex person; physical attraction, heart racing, wanting to be with them alot, can't stop thinking about them.......

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    Hey I don't know if somebody could relate to this, but I always get the part of a best friend and never the lover. I guess ppl like me too much for my personality and that's it, and how do you I tell my best friend that I'm attracted to her(she's bi and I'm trans) without getting everything weird between us? because right now she is in a serious relationship with some guy, and I won't do anything stupid. But you know my feelings for her are so hard to overcome, I can't seem to get over. So here I am kinda' stuck...

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